News from the Assessor’s Office

Greetings on this cold, grey, Hebron Day! I believe winter is about ready to embark on our Town but nonetheless we persevere. In regards to the Assessor office, we will be sending out renewal application forms for our Low Income Senior Exemptions, our agricultural exemptions, our Disability exemptions and our Non Profit wholly exempt parcels. Please fill these out and return them before March 1, 2020.

If you currently receive a Senior Enhanced STAR exemption, you do not need to do anything this year! If, however, you currently receive the Basic STAR and you will turn 65 during 2020, you may qualify for the Senior Enhanced STAR exemption. You will need to apply for that with me by March 1, 2020. Application forms can be found in Town Hall or can be obtained online at the NYS Tax and Finance website. You need to submit the application, the IVP application, proof of age (driver’s license will work!) and 2018 tax returns to my office to apply for this exemption.

Now is the time to come in and have a discussion if you feel your property is not assessed correctly! Please stop by and let me know of any changes to your property that might affect it’s value. I am in the office in Hebron on Wednesdays from 1-4 PM or you can also find me in the Town of Granville on Monday mornings between 9 AM and Noon.

You may also feel free to contact me via email ([email protected]) or by telephone (leave a message) at (518)854-9709.

It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your Assessor! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Vicki Hayner, IAO