Supervisor’s Corner

Thankfully November has arrived, election season is over, and we are on to a public hearing on our 2022 Hebron Town budget on Monday night November 8th at 7:30pm.  Hope you can join us.

As the year is really coming to a close, I want to summarize the significance this year has been.  We are slowly moving through the Covid-19 pandemic, but certainly not out of the woods yet. Lost revenue made it possible for the Town to take the ARPA funds that we are receiving and put them right into our General Fund, where we hopefully can move forward in building a greatly needed highway barn.  Our feasability study is underway, funding opportunities are being investigated, and the design phase will be just around the corner.  The goal is to build what we need at a price we can afford, and we are trying desperately to do it with in our bounds of the 2% cap.  It is very aggressive, but extremely conservative, with a lot of community people willing to help in figuring this all out.  SLIC networks is trying to finish the high speed fiber infastructure in November with hopes of hooking houses in December.  Those are a lot of accomplishments in one year, even though some of them  have been years in the making.  It all takes time and money, as well as a Town Board working together.  Thanks for everyone’s help and support as we continue to move forward throughout this year and next.  It is a humbling experience and I personally appreciate your support and confidence in keeping Hebron the place you call home.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor