Supervisor’s Corner

Hebron Emergency Preparedness Workshop

March 28th  6pm

The Washington County Departments: Public Safety and Office of the Aging, will be conducting a workshop with the community of the Town of Hebron to go over the involvement that members of the community can help with in emergency situations.  The idea is we enchance what the County has in place, and never impede trained professionals that are there to do their job.  With proper planning and assistance we can all do better to make our community a safer place in emergency situations.  I would expect a big crowd for this event and would appreciate it.  We never want to get so dependent on government that we forget we need to help ourselves and each other.  We also want to know that an actual emergency you dial “911”,  not reach out to social media first, your life might depend on it.  Hope you will join us and learn what we don’t know and how we can make everyhing better with communication and preparedness.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor

*NYSEG has reached out to say they are waiving late fees on their billing until spring.  They are expecting around a 40% increase in their bills in January to March. This will be a big burden for most of us and NYSEG asks you to sign up for budget billing or at least call them before you get in a bind.