Supervisor’s Corner

Our May meeting is already here.  Hebron is vibrant with activity right now as Spring, the natural rebirth, is in full swing.  We have a beautiful community, and a large number of people have a lot of pride in keeping it that way.  On Saturday May 14th is Town Roadside Clean-Up Day.  Join us at the Town Highway Garage around 9am to organize and head out for the days project that we expect to end around noon time.

Our meeting on Monday night, May 9th, at 7:30 has a very full agenda.  Chris Belden will be with us from Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board to explain our work towards getting a new highway barn.  He has been with us every step of the way.  From our feasibility study to RFP for Engineering, to now selection of an engineer for design and bid the building, and funding through USDA. There will be lots of information, as our goal is to do this under the 2% cap, not an easy task by any means, but looks more possible all the time.  Chris also helped with our planning grant for Community Planning that is being chaired by Michelle Louy, of which she will report out.  Jill Nadolski will also report on Climate Smart Communities, as that has become a monthly update as we work to be more efficient with our taxpayers’ dollars.  Efficiency is what all of these projects have in common as well as Community input.  In these times of inflation, we all look at ways to save. I’m very proud of our Town Government that we started this process before Covid came along and are now energized to make a difference for Hebron’s future.

SLIC Networks is moving along trying to get everyone hooked up with internet.  This is a large undertaking, many years in the making, and millions of dollars in investment. They have had a few snags in certain areas, but they are slowly conquering them.

I hope you will join is at the meeting, and I certainly hope you will all take part in helping to Clean Up Hebron.  It depends on all of us, all year around and I’m grateful to everyone that makes that commitment each and every day.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor