Many of Hebron’s grand old homes are still occupied by the same families that lived in them generations ago.  The area possesses the type of friendliness and stability that is so hard to find in today’s urban-oriented society. 

The citizens of Hebron are involved in their community and have made strides to preserve their heritage in the 21st century.

Hebron has three active churches and many social organizations. Residents are proud of the Hebron Fire Company and the many activities they have.  The Hebron Preservation Society is an active, non-profit organization that was formed in 1974 to gather and disseminate historical information about the town while appreciating and protecting its magnificent enviroment.

In 1864 Hebron was the leading potato producer in Washington County as the area’s gently rolling hills and valleys were filled with farmland much as they are today.  Presently, dairy farming leads the way in local agriculture, but many more niche farms have recently come to fruition. Hebron currently boasts our very own brewery and tap room with the addition of RS Taylor.   We hope you enjoy Hebron just as the many generations that have worked here to make it the place you will find today.