Supervisor’s Corner

The heat of summer came with the start of July.  I hope everyone got out to some Independence Day Celebrations.  Our Independence is something we can never take for granted.  A lot of people have died fighting for our way of life and our will to preserve it.  All politics aside, when it comes to our freedoms that we have in America, there is no other country quite like ours and our brave Men and Women that serve, and sometimes fight to protect everything that makes our United States the best place to live in this world.  We salute YOU!!

Hebron is one of the finest Towns to live in, Our natural beauty and landscapes enhance our rural way of life.  Your Town Board is always looking to make Hebron a little better everyday, and we are making some progress.  Come out on July 8th and see what is happening in your Town.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor