Supervisor’s Corner


November has come with wet, cold, damp, blustery weather.  What a surprise.  So I’ll get right to the point of what is happening in Hebron.  We meet on the 12th this month and the main topic will be the public hearing on the 2019 Hebron Town Budget.  We are in line with the 2% cap and the actual increase is around 2.5% with the bulk of that going to the Hebron Fire Department.  Our Fire Department is a bargain to our citizens and NY State has put increased costs and regulations on all Volunteer Fire Fighters throughout the State.  I feel at this time it was appropriate to step up Town funding in a pragmatic way to keep this much needed service.  Manpower is certainly what they need most, but funds are always necessary to keep up with the changing environment.  Loss of our local Fire Department would mean a lot more insurance costs, more than likely way above any Town tax increases.

The other topic I want to address is high speed internet.  Contrary to what was said at our last meeting by a concerned citizen, SLIC Networks is still coming to Hebron.  I believe the concerned citizen was accurate with what SLIC had told them previous, but it was frustration with NY State on how the process was unfolding.  So here are my updates on SLIC from my sources:

– Engineering will be complete at the end of this year

– Make ready/pole permits spring of 2019

– Fiber install done by the end of 2019

– Install will come from North of the County to the South (remember SLIC only has sections of the County-Hebron the largest)

– SLIC will connect both sides of the road where the map shows one side of the road SLIC and the other side satellite; but not further in the census block

– SLIC will install up to 300′ to the residence and then cost share(sweet deal-didn’t see that coming)

Now I hope this brings everyone up to date.  If the “middle mile” is done by the end of 2019, we would expect hook-ups to  residences sometime in 2020, and hopefully the project will be completed in 2021.  Let’s hope this stays on track and comes to fruition. At this time, this is the best information I have and if I have more I will let you know as it becomes available.  We knew this was going to take time, so we all need to be patient.  Thanks for being so interested, your perseverance is what keeps this on track.


Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor