Supervisor’s Corner

Happy New Year!  The year ended with such a horrific event here in Hebron.  So tragic, a fire that took the life of an infant, another child burned, and  a family left homeless.  Not the way we want our story to be told.  Very tough times right now locally.  Great to see all the neighbors pulling together, first to help each other out in an unprecedented snow storm of over forty inches, and now doing a fund raising effort for a just disastrous fire.  A big shout out to the Hebron Volunteer Fire Department for their bold effort in battling a blaze that just consumed everything in its path.  Our Volunteers are just plain AWESOME!  From Firemen, EMTs, First Responders,  I can’t say enough to thank you for what you do.  I know you would have liked a much different outcome, but your efforts are greatly appreciated and it certainly was not any lack there of.

Of course the pandemic is not any better at this moment, except the vaccine is on its way.  We can only hope it arrives sooner than later.  So we are back to where we were last March.  I’m hoping we can conduct all of our business for January when we re-organize on Monday the 4th.  We are going to try to do just necessities through February and March.  It is currently my intention to not meet in person until April, and only in an emergency before then.  I will convey anything of importance with my fellow Board members and will add updates at this website if anything changes.  During that time we will look into the possibility of meeting online if that is at all feasible.  We would need to have a quorum to make any decisions, so we would have to be able to get Board members connected. When and if we can return in April we will make sure every bill is audited as we would if we were meeting regularly.  We will discuss this further at the January meeting.

If we can limit the people coming into the Town Clerk’s office that would be greatly appreciated.  At this point, Dorothy is collecting taxes, but would rather they were all mailed in.  People are allowed to pay in person, if need be, but masks and proper distancing are required.  Dorothy will have full support of the Hebron Town Board to restrict any amount of people from her office because of this COVID nightmare.  Please be courteous and understanding. Also, we plan on passing a resolution at the January meeting to allow Seniors not to come in to prove their eligibility for aged exemptions, last years will be used, however, if you do come in you will need to follow all of the protocols that are in place.

Anything that needs my attention, you can call me at 518-415-7039.  Do leave a message if I don’t answer right away.  I will get back to you.  These are very unusual times and they call for interesting measures.  I hope and pray for everyone’s health and well-being in this crucial time between getting vaccinations and avoiding this dreaded virus.  Please don’t take any unnecessary risks that could put you or your neighbors health in jeopardy.  You are all to be commended for your diligence for the past ten months, it has paid off here in Hebron, we have had very few cases because of your efforts. Hopefully in six months from now we will all have received the vaccine and we will be talking about our high speed internet that we have so been longing for.  So here is to a great new year.  Thanks for all your efforts! God Bless!

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor