Supervisor’s Corner

A new year has begun, and with that comes new hope.  Last year we all were keyed in on High-Speed internet, and I said we would have to be patient.  I’m still holding to that, but after meeting with design engineer from SLIC Networks I am even more hopeful than ever.  2019 will be all the pole mapping and designing of the network. 2020 will be the building of the network.  I’m hopeful by the end of 2021,  maybe 2o22, Hebron will be up to superspeed.  I will keep you updated here with any significant changes or progress.  I’m hoping to have a new map at the office in the next week or so that will give a better idea of our coverage, but I believe when this is finished everyone will be very happy.  Come out and see what is happening in Hebron at our January meeting on Monday the 14th at 7:30pm.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor