Supervisor’s Corner

July meeting is scheduled for Monday the 13th at 7:30pm.  We are starting to get the routine down with the masks and the sanitizer, and of course the social distancing.  COVID-19  seems to rule the day as another wave has gone across the country as people are starting to move about again.  I hope everyone can take this seriously, remain cautious, and be respectful of other people’s space, as this is still a very serious situation that can just explode at any time if we are not very careful.  This has been a long road and a vaccine is probably our next step to normalcy, but until then we have to keep with the methods that have kept us safe so far.

The courts are expected to open in August, of course anything can change at this point.  Who ever thought there would be racing at Saratoga with no crowds, the Washington County Fair would be cancelled, and we couldn’t even have swimming lessons at Hebron Camp.  School this fall is even in limbo.  We are in a different era.

Fiscally speaking, the Town does appear to be in good shape in the immediate future.  Long term depends on how the State and Federal Governments are able to turn the economy back on.  At the County level, a lot of unknowns yet on what amount of funding the State will pull away from the County, and at the same time they will probably mandate the County keep doing all the State programs.  Sales tax isn’t as dire as first was feared, but we don’t have a very good crystal ball to see the future before we decide Town and County Budgets  this fall.

The weather has been beautiful if you like sun and heat, but crops and lawns are suffering from the lack of rain.  I guess it is just according to how you look at it. So I hope everyone can stay safe and take all precautions to see through these times of instability.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor