Supervisor’s Corner

May has started with some very wet weather, but it sure does look and feel like spring here in Hebron.  The assessor’s page mentions everything you need to know about Grievance Day, so you can check there for time and date.  We are awaiting the State’s results of bidding that will take place in Phase Three  of the Broadband Initiative.  Talking to would be bidders in a reverse auction to cover Hebron with high-speed internet.  We should know more in June as this process is just kicking off. Hopefully, modern internet will make its way here.  Washington County lacks coverage in general, but Hebron has more terrain issues to conquer, so this is our best opportunity yet, as there is both State and Federal money combined to cover Hebron.  I’ll keep you posted as this unfolds.

Our May meeting is early in the month, Monday May 8th.  Hope to see you there.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor