Supervisor’s Corner

October has arrived and brings with it a beautiful Autumn.  Hebron has a lot of natural beauty and this time of year is exceptional. With fall upon us, we are in budget season, and also within football season, deer season, election season and I’m sure many others.  So I’m going to address budget season since that has the most impact on our residents.

With the blank check the Governor has to County and Town funds it puts us all in a peculiar position.  Nothing worse than sending in a highway paving reimbursement on CHIPs funding of $130,000 and getting just $90,000 back.  Thank you very much Governor Cuomo and your Party controlled Senate and Assembly that made that happen.  Not very happy on this one, I hope everyone remembers how this happened, this had nothing to do with COVID, just bad fiscal decisions.  Trying to pay for philosophical baloney instead of what our NY State really needs.  A pity we have come to this.

However, your local elected officials have taken good care of Hebron’s finances and we can withstand this debacle, I’m just not happy about it.  The tentative budget is now out and we are under the 2% cap.  The Town taxes are up 1.5% across the board, the bill will be up 3% once the worker’s compensation gets added on.  The good news is County sales tax and mortgage tax have rebounded nicely and could hit new highs thanks to internet sales tax and the amount of houses changing hands from the mass exodus from the Tri-State region.

Since I’m not happy with the Governor right now, I do want to give him kudos for following through on his promise of High Speed Internet in which nearly seven-million dollars($7.000.000) was put towards the Town of Hebron because we have no fiber optics at all.  SLIC Networks is going to attend via Zoom the Washington County Board of Supervisors meeting to update everything they are doing in Washington County and we should have an update on Hebron’s timeline.  The You Tube address is:                fkXChkwTrSnynELWO5bgA

Hopefully that will work for anyone that wants the news as it happens.  I will update here with any news.  Remember out meeting has moved to Tuesday night because Monday is Columbus Day.  Hope to see you there.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor