Supervisor’s Corner

Summer is about to fade into fall when we reach our August meeting.  How quick we go to leaves changing and those crisp autumn nights.  So that means elections, the County Fair, and kids going back to school or heading off to college.  All those things seem to happen at once.  All in a constant change, where Our Town of Hebron tries to maintain its quality of life.  Some change comes without our effort to make it happen, but other changes we need to work hard at.

High speed internet is one we have had to work hard at, but sometime by the end of August or early September we should at least have some idea of what companies are interested in being here in Hebron.  VTEL has already made it, Hudson Valley Wireless is here in spots, but just a drop in the bucket for what they have planned(their new tower will be constructed in the vicinity of Patterson Hill before long), and there could even be more bidders in the phase three of a State project to finally get rural areas online.

At the County level we are awaiting a possible announcement from the Governor of an Economic Development project that would provide hundreds of jobs in our County that could have a huge impact for our youth staying in the area or coming back to the area.  This would be a tremendous enhancement to our local communities if we can get local people in these jobs.  That will be a challenge, but what a great opportunity.

I hope to see you at our August meeting Monday the 14th.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor