Supervisor’s Corner

Happy New Year 2018 everyone.  Another year is upon us as we look forward to goals  and transparent government.  I have left this section from months past about the pension system because the opportunity is good at the numbers we have presented right into March.  It may be our best opportunity and I don’t want to hide anything from the public.  And we get better crowds, which I think makes for better government.  So here we are again.

At our October (and again at our November and our December) meeting we discussed an opportunity to provide Hebron employees with the pension available from the State of NY.  Our current fiscal climate makes it right for us to investigate joining the NY State Retirement System.  It is our due diligence to look at it at this time.  We now have the information to help us make that decision.  Our current mix has that price tag at 10% of our payroll as a yearly cost, and that can fluctuate according to the stock market and what tiers the employees would be on.  The current tier where we would enter our employees is tier 6.

There is also what they call a deficiency payment (for the availability of years to be purchased) that current employees and the Town would pay, for years of employment already served.  That price tag is $140,000.   This is the only way to gain enrollment.  The price fluctuates from year to year according to the amount of years employed by current staff.  Due to the fact that 3 of our 5 highway workers have less than one year on the job makes this one of the better times to join.(The total cost of the pension plan with the deficiency payment included would be the equivalent of a $2.50 to $3.00 per hour raise to these five men.  And that would cover all Town employees.)

We have discussed a lot of pros and cons, and we hope to come to a decision on Monday night.  The price is the only real drawback.  The positives are: easier to attract younger, more skilled employees and a better opportunity to retain those employees.  It is very likely it is at the most reasonable cost that it will ever be.  This is more about Hebron’s future than it is about current employees.  I believe all but one of our highway workers are really crowding sixty years of age.  And collectively they are near 20 years of experience. So it is quite a dilemma.

The budget is already passed and can easily be amended in the new year to accommodate the pension plan. So Monday night is decision time and we expect to hear from our citizens.  So I hope to see you on January 8th at 7:30 pm.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor