Supervisor’s Corner

COVID-19 Cancellations and Closures 4/1/2020

Until further notice Hebron Town Clerk,  Assessor, and Court Offices are closed, as well as Washington County offices to the public.  All of these offices can be reached by phone as they are checked frequently and they will return calls at there discretion and take action accordingly. Clean-up day has been cancelled.  April meetings of the Town Board and the Planning Board have been cancelled and we will attempt to hold those meetings in May.  If not, we will hold them by conference call, which we will advise on participation at a later date.  Our road crew is still working, but practice social distancing when around them just as you should be around anyone else.  These are trying times with radical adjustments that make a difference of life and death.  It is time to treat neighbors as family and watch out for one another.  I hope everyone can stay healthy, a lot is going to happen as it concerns this virus in the next month or two.  Reach out to any of us with any concerns. We are here for you, even though we are all distancing ourselves.  Normalcy can’t come soon enough, but if we do our part it will actually come sooner.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor