Supervisor’s Corner

Monday night March 13th (7:30 pm), we will be holding our regular monthly meeting at the “old fire house”.  I would assume it may be anything but regular.  As was the case months ago when we were discussing “Brand New Beginnings” being at the Hebron Camp property, Andrew Brand will be returning to make his presentation on a proposed “girls home”(twelve girls in total) in the town of Hebron and in the Salem School District.  The group home they are proposing, would come under NY State licensing and laws that would dictate what they do and how they do it.  I would expect to see a rather large crowd to ask questions and express opinions on this matter.  We wish to have a very informative and respectful meeting  with a lot of input from our constituents and our neighbors from Jackson who are in the same situation(and may have been unable to attend an afternoon meeting in their own town last week).  Everyone is welcome.  As I have mentioned in the past, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about our area and our Schools, as these are what make us who we are and who are children will be in generations to come.  I completely understand this being a “hot” topic with lots of interest and I hope to see all interested persons.

We will also have regular business that includes the qualified abandonment of roads, actually a portion of four roads that have not been used in years.  Hope to see you there.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor