Supervisor’s Corner

How quickly the world changes sometimes.  COVID is still with us, but by now we are starting to get people vaccinated so we can reopen all businesses and have some normalcy back in our lives.  We are getting closer, folks.  So, much to our surprise high-speed internet is coming soon to your home.  I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that there have been a few companies in your neighborhood cutting tree branches and clearing way for the new internet cable. A lot of new electric poles going in.  I would expect in the next 30-90 days we will see the fiber optic wire being run from pole to pole and houses starting to get hooked up.  SLIC is doing everything they can to see that every house in the Town is their customer.  Let’s hope that comes to fruition.

On Monday, April 12th we are scheduled to go back to our regular meeting schedule with an in person meeting at 7:30pm in the old West Hebron Fire House in the large meeting room where we can still socially distance and we will be wearing masks.  Hopefully the crowd will be less than 20 so we have room for everyone.

The top of our agenda will be stimulus money.  We have had discussions for a few years now on the need for a new highway barn and no good way to fund it.  In this period of government bailouts, stimulus, and an abundance of grant opportunities, we now need to take a long, hard look at replacing that undersized building with one that is energy efficient, convenient to work in, and low in maintenance cost.  We have a lot of talented people in our Town that we think can bring a lot to this discussion to see this building come to fruition that can take us through the next five decades, just like the current one has.  I’m going to try to put together an ad hoc committee of two council members (quorum limit), and an unspecified number of people that have ability and interest in rolling up there sleeves and doing the heavy lifting in the planning and grant fund securing to see this building a success.  In no way will this be inexpensive, but it will be time consuming and could take three years to actually see it through.  I am confident that we have the kind of people here that are capable of making this happen, and I am going to lean heavy on them.  This is the first time I have seen this many opportunities to secure grants and funding in stack-able ways that could possibly make this affordable.  We will try our best to see this through.  We have lofty goals and our work cut out for us.  So come prepared to give a lot of effort and a willingness to work together and this will be a rewarding experience.

At this time I would like to thank everyone in the community for doing their part during this COVID crisis to stay somewhat secluded, but still look out for each other as well as being good neighbors, never has this been more important. It has paid high dividends in our community health and for that we can all be grateful.  It isn’t over yet, and we certainly don’t want to let our guard down, but because of you it has made a difference. I hope to see you soon.

Brian R. Campbell, Hebron Town Supervisor